This tops Rain’s Magic Stick

Soooo it’s been forever since I last posted right? Well I finally discover my host family’s internet (like the very last month sadly) and was watching the English subtitle version of my spring drama (which features the sexy Jaejoong) when I saw in the related youtube box Junsu’s PV for his double-A side solo single XIAH. The track titles are Intoxication and 君がいれば ~Beautiful Love~.

Now I’m not questioning this person’s translation because the English words in the song is all about sex. I mean seriously this song would have been banned instantly in South Korea for such sexually explict lyrics…if you need another Birthday Sex song then this is it for you. I won’t be buying a copy but I will be downloading in iTunes Japan (which reminds me to stock up on some itunes before I leave Japan). Purchase links are down below.  Jacket A includes a bonus DVD and on the first press limited edition (according to HMV) you get Kimi ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Drama Short Ver.) Off Shot movie.

Jacket A: CD Japan | YesAsia | Amazon Japan | HMV

Jacket B: CD Japan | YesAsia | Amazon Japan | HMV

*But seriosuly Rain’s magic stick that is suppose to be swirling inside of you is like nothing compare to Junsu upcoming love session. (For hardcore Jpop fans / female band lover… I suggest you look up the translations for this song to know what I’m talking about).


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