H!P Poll Results 2010

1. Junjun – of course you guys should have expected to see her rank first place. Junjun, no matter how horrible she sings from time to time, will always be my top favorite along with former H!P member Tsuji Nozomi.

2. Linlin – the pair runs together. Linlin is an awsome singer and a great personality. The thing is I feel both of the Chinese members seem to remind me what the rest of Morning Musume members lack.

3. Chinami – she is becoming more beautiful and I’m glad she is still keeping her long hair. Her personailty is quite silly and thats what I mainly liked about her. Depsite this beauty, this girl is comical.

4. Risako – if you check my eariler posts about Berryz Koubou I wasn’t too fond of Risako so how did she moved up so high? Well the answer to that is because I starting to like how well she is blossoming. Her voice is finally starting to become powerful and it helps Berryz’s singles the past two years have been great for her.

5. Kanon – Isn’t she adorable. I totally loved her in Shugo Chara Egg! as she totally look super kawaii as Amulet Clover! >_<

6.  Captain – She’s just cool, plain and simple. Sometimes I feel Berryz need a cool song to show off Captain’s coolness. She is more cool than cute looking, a great example Winter 2010 concert in the Love Like This performance.

7.  Miyabi – my favorite member out of Buono! She seems to be more mature out of the silly group as well.

8. Niigaki – Finally a musume member. Well I tend to favor Niigaki’s voice and personailty over Takahashi.

9. Takahashi – Her random personailty sometimes makes me love her.

10. Chisato – I kind of wish she was used more in C-ute as she has an awsome voice and like Chisato, this girlis comical.

Bottom 3

– Sayumi – I’m just tired of the “ichiban kawaii member” thing. She is an adult and I was really hoping that kind of personailty would had been drop

— Reina – well I just don’t find her as the ideal musume member as tsunku does.

– Mitsui – Bland…..is all I have to say

1. Buono! – I totally loved Buono! and the music they put out. Sadly I wasn’t able to attend their concert when they visited Osaka but maybe another anime convention in US like Hangry&Angry and Morning Musume did.

2. Morning Musume – while I’m slowing lost interest in them its more of the older releases that keeps them falling down on my rank.

3. Berryz Koubou – Just the awsome releases they had for the past two years especially the double-A singles is great!

4. S/mileage – a cute idol group who just recently graduated from Hello! Pro Egg. Let’s hope they are able to make an offical debut.

5. C-ute – their recent single releases as just not quite as good and which is why they are below Berryz and S/mileage

6. Mano Erina – cute personailty and looks but not voice.

7. Guardians4 – Another single like Party Time and then they would have rank above Mano Erina.


7 thoughts on “H!P Poll Results 2010

  1. 88_uzak says:

    I agree if linlin put in the high rank. I love her quirky n lovely personality. But i totally don’t agree if junjun put in the 1st rank. In the past I liked junjun too, although there are other members who I love more. But the more i knew her, my feeling and my opinion toward her has changed. I hate her! her personality is just pissed me off. I don’t like her bad attitude, maybe you don’t understand what i mean if you don’t realize it yourself, it’s just hard to explain it. And recently I found some info about junjun, and I hate her more again. And i realize there someone who have same opinion. Junjun is just a fake..
    I’m very sorry, but i just want to express my feelings. People have diferrent opinion though 🙂
    I hope you don’t hate me.
    And sorry for my bad english 😦

    • strawberrie says:

      I understand you have put in your opinion but it seems you are more out to prove me in the wrong. To me Junjun and Linlin are just more open like the previous generations in the golden era. I don’t find Junjun anything fake about Junjun. I must ask though….what information made you conclude Junjun is a fake?

  2. momo says:

    I have to agree with strawberrie on this one, Junjun is not “fake” as this person puts it. Junjun actually moved up in my ranking which you can see at my blog. I don’t know what this “information” he supposively found but I bet 95% that it’s a fake.

    So sorry Junjun hater, I don’t believe what you say. Take your hate elsewhere because nobody believes you.

  3. Kira says:

    we have the same three members in our bottom three. but i put Reina as 25th and Aika as 24th mainly because (as my grandmother puts it) my spirit just doesn’t want to take Reina in any way, shape or form. No matter what anyone says or even what she does to try to change peoples feeling towards her, my opinion will not change.

    I Feel that Aika needs to show everyone what it was that Tsunku saw in her. Konkon and Koha were wrost than her in their auditions but they were quick to show everyone exactly why they deserved to win their auditions

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