Break Out!

Well the wait is over, the PV for Break Out! is finally release. This is quite different from the usual Tohoshinki videos. This one is a little darker and we don’t have a scene with all 5 boys together. A lot of people are blaming the lawsuit for the lack of 5nin shots but I think it just doesn’t fit into the story line of the PV. Micky finally has a hairstyle that works for him. Finally he starting to look good again. Not that he was ever ugly but I always hated the way his hair was style (except in Tri-Angle). Yunho aww watch out for the spider. Man if that was a real spider I would totally freak out. I have an absoulte fear of big spiders. Mini ones don’t bother me…sometimes daddy long legs do but I’m talking about those jumbo ones (or at least according to my brain) that you can easily see. MAX has becoming very sexy lately. He should keep this look for a while. Maybe its because he is turning 22 next month and starting have this glow about him. Junsu, great vocals as usual. Jaejoong….well I shouldn’t make this a long post so I will some it up in one word ~SEXY!~

First press is sold out everyone (damn there goes my chance for a Jaejoong card) but I’m still want the DVD of the PV so I think I will place an order for it.  Big East (offical Tohoshinki fanclub in Japan) is going for 500k copies I believe. Well I don’t know but I can almost expect somewhere around 100~200k for this single. Purchase links are included. Also included is links to the best album. Jacket A of the single contains the DVD of the PV and those who are lucky to obtain a first press will recieve one random jacket size photo card and a 24 page booklet (I believe this is also included in Jacket B). Tohoshinki’s Jacket B tends to carry an extra track, mainly a remix of a previous single. There are 2 editions of the best album. Click on the links for more details.

Break Out!

Jacket A (CD+DVD): CD Japan | YesAsia | HMV | Amazon JP

Jacket B(CD ONLY): CD Japan | YesAsia | HMV | Amazon JP

Best Album

Jacket A (2CD+DVD): CD Japan | YesAsia | HMV | Amazon JP

Jacket B (CD+DVD): CD Japan | YesAsia | HMV | Amazon JP

Jacket C (CD ONLY): CD Japan | YesAsia | HMV | Amaozn JP


3 thoughts on “Break Out!

  1. Kireny says:

    Awesome PV, I agree the 5nin shots wouldn’t fit in the PV storyline

    By the way:
    Jacket B has the 24 page booklet with first press (along with the card).
    Jacket A first press is the off-shot for the PV in addition to the card.

    • strawberrie says:

      Yea I can never remember things well. LOL I couldn’t remember if Jacket A included the 24 page booklet or not. I think cause I rather buy Jacket B (since the PV is usually included in the album) I automatically know there is a 24 page booklet but I couldn’t remember if Jacket A gets one also. Maybe I should wait for the Hong Kong version. You think?

      • Kireny says:

        I tend to forget alot of the albums extras LOL so many.
        Maybe since first press is sold out everywhere and the Hong Kong version has all the first press extras and its cheaper. I’m not sure if I ordered mine in time for first press, so I might be doing that as well.
        I’m definitly going to do that with A & C version of the best of album.

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