Another blog translated

My original goal was to translate Kanon’s blog but I realize with upcoming I could never keep up. I was proud of myself yesterday but I translated two of the three posts she made and woke up the next day to see she posted about 5~6 more pages. So I really knew I couldn’t keep up with another blog as fast Nono so I’m going to be doing seleted posting whenever I see something good like this one. This is the posting from Tsunku about Junjun and Linlin


Now members from China

First up is Linlin

She is becoming very fluent in Japanese,

And she her voice has become thick, its very good.

She is probably the best one (NO.1) to sing ballads.

And Jujun

Kusumi and Junjun have relations like oil and water but,

They are really good friends.

This graduation cermony seems to be the saddest one.

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