I have translated Yuko’s blog post on Koharu’s gradaution. I would have done Kaori’s but her’s was too long and I’m super tired but Yuko has one line I couldn’t really properly translate well enough to sound decent so I wasn’t really up for another toughie. I includes both the Japanese and the English text so maybe you can figure out that one sentence that I couldn’t. Anyway, enjoy the translation.


モーニング娘。のツアーファイナルそして久住小春ちゃんの卒業コンサートに行ってきたよ (I went to Morning Musume’s tour final and Kusumi Koharu’s graduation concert)

今までにない卒業コンサートに感じた。。。 (Until now it didn’t feel like a graduation concert)

すごく良かった (It was very good)

モーニング娘。かっこよかった (Morning Musume was very cool/good looking)

可愛かった (It was cute/adorable)

メンバー同士のメンバーにしか分からない目に見えない愛が溢れてた (Sorry guys I could really properly translated this but I believe Yuko-san was saying that the what could be seen or understood by the eye is the overflowing love of the members. If someone has a better translated please post it at the bottom in the comment box)

それがなんだかすごく嬉しかった (It was somewhat very pleasant)

9人だけの絆。。。 (The bonds of the 9 people)

素敵でした (was wonderful)

先に卒業した一人として今の娘。達を愛おしく感じたぞっ (As one girl graduated earlier. We feel our love is very dear)

赤く染まった客席やファンの皆さんの声援・拍手素晴らしかった (The red dyed fans in the audience cheer and applause wonderfully)

見に行けて良かったです (It was great to go and see)

久住ちゃん (Koharu-chan)

モーニング娘。卒業おめでとう(Congrats for graduating from Morning Musume)


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