Best of 2009 *~EDIT~*

Okay so just as the title says: What is the best of 2009? I was sitting at my desk trying to avoid doing any homework (but sadly it still needs to be done) when I was wondering what is the best of 2009 for everyone? Well I will list a few categories and I want everyone to respond in all of them and by Decemember 30, 2009 I will post what everyone thought was the best this year (which means you can still nomiate Decemember releases). Also because I’m lazy so answers with 2~4 different countries in them means you can list one from each country. You don’t have to list one for every country but if you’re like me and try to expand your collection then you browse a bit.

  • Best Music Video in Japan/Korea/Taiwan/China:
  • Best Drama in Japan/Korea/Taiwan/China:
  • Best female actor in Japan/Korea/Taiwan/China
  • Best male actor in Japan/Korea/Taiwan/China
  • Best Idol Photobook
  • Best Idol DVD
  • Best Performance
  • Best solo artist in Japan/Korea/Taiwan/China
  • Best group in Japan/Korea/Taiwan/China
  • Best 2009 Calendar
  • Best Debut for Solo or Group
  • Best Idol CM
  • Best dance number
  • Best Movie
  • Best Album
  • Best Outfits
  • Best Remix (Offical)
  • Best Single

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