Court Rules in Favor of who?

I’m still on break but thought I should inform my fellow TVXQ fans!

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

The Seoul Central District Court gave a partial victory to three members of the five-man boy band TVXQ in legal action taken to free themselves from their contract with SM Entertainment.

The three are now free to appear in dramas, commercials and movies, while awaiting a final verdict on the contract.

After the court’s decision, legal representatives for the three said that they will continue their action until the contract is declared null and void.

The three ― Hero, Micky and Xiah ― compared their 13-year exclusive contract with SM with a slave deal and submitted an application for provisional disposition regarding their contract with SM. With the three bolting, the once-popular group is as good as disbanded.

They claimed that they were not treated fairly by the agency in terms of profit distribution.

The court stated that “SM Entertainment cannot sign a contract opposes the petitioners’ intention or obstructs their individual activities.”

“Because the group has the possibility to stay together and continue their activities through mutual agreement and it is hard to conclude that the profit issues are invalid, the court will not completely dissolve the contract at this time,” the court said.


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