When did this happen?

So I went to breakfast and then headed to the Science building for my super long lab only to find out its freaking cancel. I couldn’t check my e-mail because Marshall MyMu was being a total bitch today so there was precious sleep time lost. So I’m checking YesAsia to see if they had put up any orders for overseas version to Amuro Namie’s concert to see this under the price.

Seriously where was this message with the whole lets get Morning Musume #1. This had to happen sometime this week because I’m always checking that site like everyday except from the past 3~4 days when I was busy getting ready for college to start back up. Well good news from those who like YesAsia better…tada you are now a fellow support for you favorite Japanese artist ONLY if you buy Japanese versions.

One thought on “When did this happen?

  1. Kishiko says:

    Interesting, I haven’t noticed that before either. Checked now at both YesAsia Global and YesAsia US, and the notice is there.

    Well, if one buys CDs and YA is their preferred source, plus he/she wants to support their artist this way, it surely is good news.

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