So freaky and yet Hot!

So I’m not a G-dragon (or Big Bang for that matter) but when I heard G-dragon was having a solo album I was a little curious. So this morning I wake up to find his MV to be and its totally hot and yet a little freaky but still its hot. When the preview for this song came out, another Korean company (which I forgot at the moment) wanted to take legal action saying the sounded way too similar to Right Round (which owns the rights to the Korean version) but of course (and I agree) YG Ent. point blank told them that they cannot do anything seeing how its only a preview and they didn’t hear the whole song. Well I heard the song and its no where near Right Round. I’m going to stop talking and set some purchase links for his album. One more note: Buying from YesAsia will count toward sells in Korea and I’m surprise CD Japan didn’t list the album… well they do only list Japanese versions only though. YesAsia will probably have the poster up for sale later and I think HMV has probably already sold out their posters as well. For those who want to purchase the song LEGALLY Digitally then I sugest you sign up for an account at Mnet and if you need help then this website should get you started

HMV | YesAsia | Amazon JP | DVD Heaven (w/poster) | DVD Heaven | Mnet (Digital)


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