So I’m back…so what have I’ve been doing?

So you guys are probably wondering what the heck have I’ve been doing that I disappeared from this blog for over a year…..well I’ve been focusing on the last few classes this past year in order to finally apply for my licensure for counseling. I’m not done yet as I still have to take and pass an exam but the fact I have been approved to take my exam next month has been up-lifting. So for the past 3-4 months though I have been actually doing Youtube. I was mainly going to do it for my concert vlogs but decided to do a couple of reactions. Of course my latest reaction is for BTS’s newest song DNA. The funny thing is when I recorded, I completely forget to turn on the lighting but oh well. Sometimes stuff happens. Check out the reaction below!!!!

The Queen is Back!!!

So I’m a little late on the post but Hyuna has returned with a new mini album entitled Awesome. The lead title track is called How’s This?

I’m not 100% sold on this release but I do loved the beat of the song. I do prefer Roll Deep a little more but I still think I will be listening to it a whole lot more than Ice Cream which is my least favorite song by Hyuna.  What are your thoughts on this club song?

How to plan for K-CON

Okay you want to go to K-CON? Well here are some tips I have learned from my past two experiences.

1) Plan ahead for the costs!

  • This is the biggest mistake most people make when coming to K-CON or any K-pop related event. I always plan things out a year in advance because I was used to requesting time off 6-months in advance when things were set in stone to guarantee I get the time approval of having it off. K-CON is usually held in the summer (usually July or August but started earlier this year). Now the biggest mistake people make is the price of tickets. They assume the prices they see on the website is the exact price they will pay but forget to plan to add extra fees. I made sure I had enough money for the highest tier plus an extra $100 for other fees such as taxes, venues fees, and ticketing services and/or shipping.
  • Once you get your tickets start figuring out your travel plans and lodging fees. Lodging is more affordable with a friend but sometimes you might be like me and have a friend who can’t go (or just not into it at all). K-Con usually having house options and books a blackout rooms for these events. Do not solely rely on this. Look at other discounted websites such as Expedia. Last year I found a hotel two blocks away from the venue and only pay $69 per night for two people. Seriously, it was awesome deal I just lucked out on. Sometimes you can find that exact same hotel on the discounted websites around the same price that may have a pay later option or may be slightly more expensive with that choice. Sometimes pay now gives you a better discount. For travel fees, are you driving or flying? Flying is best booked right after your ticket purchases. Sometimes after traveling a distance and paying for gas and/or rental, you may have pay the price of an airline ticket. Look at all the nearby airports. It was cheaper for me to fly out from an airport two hours away from my house compare to the one 20 minutes away ($200-300 cheaper).
  • Hotels may require you to pay overnight parking but be careful as hotels may not be clear on this. The hotel I stayed at last year told me it was $20 for overnight parking; however, what they failed to tell me was they didn’t own the garage and the people who did actually charged me so much. Despite having a time stamp on the ticket, they charged me $20 extra even though I was leaving only after 3 days. So this made vow to never drive up there again and just fly into Newark and New York.
  • Food – cities like NYC and LA are expensive. So plan to spend more on food. Even the food on K-CON will be a little expensive but there is some that is priced okay. Also checked out the convince store like 7/11 or a nearby pharmacy, just stock up on water for the weekend as it will be cheaper than paying $5.00-7.00 for a bottle of water.

2) No Friends – No Problem!

  • So last year, I kind of hung out by myself and just mainly visited my cousin during K-CON as the NY event didn’t have enough to keep my occupy in the hot sun. This year I met some girls at the bus stop near my hotel and we hung out for two days. It is easy to make friends. Same thing happen to me going to a Big Bang concert in October, I just flew up by myself and ran into some girls who was trying to figure out how to get to the Prudential Center and we ended up hanging out until we went to our respected gates to fly on home. It’s okay to go alone if your friends can’t go or don’t care, you can make some new friends while you’re there and have grand old time.


  • Seriously, my skin burns really bad…..especially my face and shoulders. While the most my face did was sweat luckily it didn’t burn and I was hoping it wouldn’t considering I paid $44 for this face sun block. Now my shoulders on the other hand…despite putting sun block on throughout the day….it was burnt. Lucky I could wear a bra but whenever you touch the spot, it felt like it was on FIRE!!!! So remember to continue to put sun block on throughout the day…even if you’re going to be indoors like the LA event. Sun block has it’s time limit and walking outside for a few minutes or riding in a car can still attract the sun to burn you…trust me.


  • So I saved this past for last. Why? Because when I was attending my first K-CON last year, before they even announced K-CON NY, I was researching the prices for tickets, about the convention, hotels in the area, popular hangouts, etc. I was legit planning for a nice 4-5 day vacation since I had two weeks paid vacation off from work. NOW my biggest pet peeve was people not understanding what combo tickets were. I thought it was simple maybe because I did research and the Rock on the Range was selling nothing but combo/weekend package tickets. Combo tickets…..they are 2 day package that you can get at a discount. They are not 2 tickets for the same day for you and your friend. It’s a basically a package deal to save you the hassle of buying two separate tickets. If it’s going to be your first K-CON, I highly recommend you research the prices, information about the convention, etc. Also plan to save a little bit extra just in case it goes up.

5) Line-up

  • Okay I lied, this is the last one. So recently K-CON LA had a line-up changed about two weeks before the event. CNBlue’s company announced that they had to cancel their appearance for the event and K-CON offered the slots to Amber and Eric. NOW, people who never been to a music festival…several artist are invited. Remember your faves are not headlining their own concert. Expect the unexpected sometimes. Life happens and they may not suddenly make it. Being the therapist I am I basically said (short ver) “it sucks but hey guys you got two great artist to your lineup.” Which got a girl to rant on my post – “Can you exchange hamburger for a steak?” Seriously….It’s not my fault you invested a lot of money for 1 act and not give others a chance. So I responded in my therapist voice that ended with passive-aggressive because I wasn’t having a childish battle on facebook. Moral of the story, don’t go for just one act…you may be disappointed. They may not perform as many songs as the other popular acts or cancel the performance. If you are going to see one act, don’t buy a P1 ticket…stick to the lower tiers as it will be easier to sell if you change your mind.

4Minute Has Decided to Disband After 7 years.

I had a feeling since the release of Hate that we would probably hear something  about possible disbandment since it didn’t do well domestically. I was also hoping that CUBE would have tried to promote them a little bit more since they mention their contract was expiring in June. 

It saddens me as 4Minute is one of my top faves and it was on my bucket list to see them live at least once. I hold back on officially announcing anything as many other websites jumped the gun as the articles only stayed Hyuna renewed contract and the other members were still on discussion. However I just woke up to the news that it is official and the  members have deicided to disband the group. What are your thoughts? It has only been half a year and a lot of groups has gone through major changes. KARA disbands, Hyunseung leaves BEAST, Minzy leaves 2NE1, Jia leaves Miss A and now this.

Jia leaves JYP

It has been announce that Jia and Fei’s contract has come to an end however only Fei has decided to to renew her contract with JYP. It makes me sad that another group this year is losing a member. Earlier we reported about Hyunseung and then Minzy. I mean seriously it hasn’t been half a year and we got members leaving the group. I’m still waiting to hear about 4minute as their contract is scheduled to end and we haven’t heard a word yet. What are you thoughts of Jia leaving Miss A.

BTS will Save You! BTS releases MV for Save Me.

So I’m just chilling in my bed being lazy as I’m still recovering my trip only to see Big Hit just dropping BTS new MV. I had legit just watch the live performance with all 7 of them only for 30 minutes later to be hit with music video. I’m digging the MV, it’s a simple dance video but the background, the clothing, and the shots makes it a pretty nice video. I have yet to chose a bias in BTS (because it’s nearly impossible) but I see you Jungkook.

BTS is coming to K-CON NY!!!!

So I’m excited. Like I have been praying that KCON would reveal both a NY and LA artist and not just LA. I’m so stoked to see them come to NY as I do live on the east coast and it’s easier for me to afford a plane ticket. I’m a little sad that 4Minute wasn’t announce as one of the clues looked like a staff member was doing the dance for the chorus to Hate but OMG my wish came true so I’ll take it because I’m love with the group.

Forever Young with BTS

So I’m checking my Facebook news feed and I see this posted. OMG, I totally didn’t even realize BTS was releasing something today. I’m already broke from splurging on the concert DVD set that sold out so quickly. When I saw part of the MV, I was watching it at work with no sound with the English translations at the bottom so I was guessing in my mind what the song actually sounds like. OMG, I was shocked to know I was getting the beginning right in my head. I’m totally in love with this song! BTS always have such inspirational lyrics and I think that’s why I totally feel in love with them so quickly. I’m totally hoping BTS comes to K-CON this year and hopefully it’s on the east coast!!!!

VIXX is Dynamite!

So VIXX has made their comeback this year with a new hit entitled Dynamite. I saw the teaser the other day and was not really convince that I would like this song but I’m glad it proved me wrong. I totally loved the song and the concept of it. Of course, we can’t go without hearing RAVI speaking at the beginning of a song. *I thought it was too quite in the beginning for a while.


*Referring to Beautiful Liar and Chained Up – Ravi doesn’t speak a line in English at the beginning of the song.