That angle though…..
September 6, 2015, 10:14 am
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So CUBE Entertainment has release another version to Hyuna’s comeback single Because I’m the Best (Roll Deep). When I was first watching it, I kept wondering what the hell was different compare to the first one. Let me sum it up for you, Booty Shots! Basically we are getting more booty shots in this music video. One angle we do get a crotch shot and one of Hyuna just basically squeezing her chest. Check out the music video above and support the artist.

Slay Girl! Slay!
August 21, 2015, 5:32 am
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Hyuna has released the music video to her title track Because I’m the Best featuring BTOB Ilhoon. I am so excited that Hyuna is back with a solo album release and have already pre-order my copy since CUBE takes FOREVER to upload any of their artist in US iTunes store.

Before the music video release, Hyuna performed the title track along with another song Ice Ice with Hwasa. Now…I will say this, I’m feeling Ice Ice more than the title track. On the original track, Hwasa isn’t actually included, it is featuring Ji-dam instead…which sucks because I was totally loving the pair on stage.

In the beginning of the music video, Hyuna has a blue-green hair going on and I totally love the look on her. I wish she would keep that hair style for her promotion period. So the first trailer we saw for Hyuna’s comeback….where the hell did those scenes go? Was more of a teaser for the photobook included with the physical copy of the album? Anyways…check out the music video below. And pre-order your physical copy of Hyuna’s new album at YesAsia.

HYUNA – 4th Mini Album ‘A+’ AudioTeaser
August 17, 2015, 8:33 pm
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CUBE Entertainment release an audio teaser to Hyuna’s upcoming mini album. From the teasers, I’m totally feeling that intro. Which track is your favorite? Check it out below.

BTS – For You
August 17, 2015, 7:34 pm
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So the first music video I ever saw of BTS (Bangtan Boys) was War of Hormones and that was through another youtuber’s reaction. I loved the song but the only thing of BTS I really checked out was their live performances for the song. Months I came across BTS’s dance performance video. Now…I’m a sucker for dance videos because I always find myself attracted to either the weird one of the group or the dancer (both guy and girl groups). So I subscribed to their channel and when I Need U came out…it did not disappoint. Since I haven’t really checked out their Japanese stuff…because usually I don’t like when Kpop groups re-make their song (unless it’s a good re-make and it flows e.g.: Mirotic).  BTS’s For You is an adorable song and I’m glad after 3 re-makes, they have an original song for the Japanese fans. Now…I’m like 2 months behind this release but then again, I been actually going to live concerts for once. Just got to save the funds for some serious east coast travel.

Check out the music video below.

I just got to say…Rap Monster….you do love working at gas stations. In the music video I Need U, he was working at a gas station. You just need to leave that industry alone because you went from cash thrown on the ground to trash…something is not working for ya lol.

My feels for Leo….
August 17, 2015, 2:59 pm
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So I recently started to get into VIXX when they released Error earlier this year and Leo instantly became my bias in the group.  VIXXX’s subunit LR (Leo & Ravi) recently release the music video to their title track: Beautiful Liar and OMG…I’m already imaging the fanfics of this pairing already. Go check out the music video down below and experiencing the feelz…….

Hyuna Sometimes Haves Me Questioning Myself
August 11, 2015, 9:02 am
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The queen is finally coming back and she slays. A trailer to her 4th Mini Album was uploaded on the 4Minute channel on Sunday (EST). While I was getting some Miley Cyrus vides (fans you got to admit it), I will say that this comeback has me excited. I was that 4Minute was coming to come back in the 2nd half of the year (which CUBE generally only does with their boy groups it seems) but after Hyuna makes her solo comeback. Check out the trailer below!

Upcoming Reviews *Update 6/13/15*
June 6, 2015, 11:01 am
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So expect to be spam with posts about Babymetal, Rurouni Kenshin, and One Ok Rock. I had rough drafts of these posts but have been too busy trying to prepare to apply for license for LPC (Counseling) or Psychology. Stay tune guys, I haven’t forgotten about it, just been quit busy since my last post in February.

*UPDATE: I’m starting to remember why I only have rough drafts. While my PC laptop can play blue rays, the application it came with does not do screen shots.I have been constantly trying to figure out how to get my VLC player to play blu rays. The only progress I made is I no longer get the error when I attempt to play a blu ray but all I get a screen shot and then it goes blank. So hopefully this weekend I can get it to work.

50 Shades of Crazy
February 15, 2015, 3:44 pm
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So I meant to post this yesterday hoping I would have my physical copy of the album but oh well. February is a time of love and what better way to express some love than for my favorite Korean Girl Group 4Minute.


This is the 4Minute that I feel in love with. Not to say the previous singles where bad but it didn’t have that “repeat value” as their previous songs have. I feel like 4Minute lost their touch after Volume Up Era. I’m so glad they did 180° on us and came back with a new image. While I do love some of the songs Brave Brothers pump out with other idols group, I thought using them twice was just meh and wasn’t really their style.  I’m very satisfy with the album and enjoyed all the songs. It was nice of CUBE to make previews of these songs using clips. I would have love for Tickle Tickle Tickle to be a Music Video when they made a preview of it.

Also guys, I do have more reviews coming soon, I just got caught with work and school but look forward to a Rurouni Kenshin and Babymetal Review.

Happy New Years with the CUBE Fam!!!!!
December 31, 2014, 6:07 pm
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Hey guys,

I’m finally back!!!!! Due to some personal reasons, I decided to take a break from blogging as I felt obligated to update every once in a while to keep this blog alive. Also I was more frustrated with the spam I was getting on my blog and having to delete it every hour so I decided to make it private for a while. Now to start off the blog, I’m once again showing off a calendar featuring the CUBE FAMILY!!!!!!!! *This calendar also features artists APink and Huh Gak from ACUBE.

Huh Gak


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Private Blog
June 21, 2014, 6:40 am
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My blog went private for two reasons.

1. I am going on a hiatus

2. To prevent spam


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